Friday, 20 April 2012

Picture This

(Image Source: The Covert Homo)

The one thing I always enjoyed doing, whilst still coming to terms with my sexuality, was looking at pictures of gay couples. Whether it was a passionate kiss shared in public, a close cuddle on the couch or the holding of hands during an intimate moment - I always found it comforting to know that there were other men like myself out there. There's this authenticity photos bring that sometimes words just cannot. I believe it's in "seeing is believing"...

So today I have decided to share with everyone a few sites or blogs that I highly recommend! I became a little obsessed with these- largely due to the fact that the men and women depicted in the blogs were so inspiring. They made me WANT to come out and to find love, even though the "love" part has not happened I still find them so reassuring! Isn't it funny how something so small could induce a feeling so magical- so powerful?!

Do yourself a favor. Not only could these sites brighten up your day- the just might inspire you. As the saying goes " a picture is worth a thousand words" - well these might leave you speechless...

Without further a due, here are the sites:

Warning!: Sites may lead to addiction, heart palpitations and irregular emotions.
(These sites may contain nudity- If you click on a link- do so at your own risk. The Righteous Gay will not be held accountable. I will mention that the nudity is minimal if there is any) 

Here's one last one- this one off Google

 Should any of these photos belong to you, and you wish to have them removed- please contact me!

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