Wednesday, 10 October 2012

National Coming Out Day 2012

Hey everyone! Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today I thought I'd create a short post just to reiterate the importance of days such as National Coming Out Day- which is celebrated on the 11th of October. I have shared My Coming Out Story, and I have before mentioned sites such as RucomingOut where you can read others' stories. There is so much one can learn from others experiences and it allows for greater understanding and also displays various approaches from which you might learn a thing or two...

On a day like this, one is reminded of the stature of the LGBT community. There are millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens around this world that will be celebrating their COMING OUT and being who they are. Essentially National Coming Out Day can be seen as a day to celebrate your sexuality and being true to yourself. National Coming Out Day(NCOD) was founded in 1988 by a psychologist Robert Eichberg in New Mexico. The date was chosen as it was the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. After two years, in 1990, the day was already being celebrated in all 50 states of America and several other countries. Fast forward 24 years and it's a world wide event!

I recall this day last year: It was around this time that I had decided I wanted to come out, and I was just itching to shout out, "I'm GAY!". Fortunately, it never turned out that way and I took a more realistic approach to coming out, doing so only 3 months later. I feel it is important to remind you that you needn't come out on a day such as today if you feel uncomfortable with it. If today is not the day- then don't come out, rather just be thankful you are on this journey. However, being closeted should not inhibit you from celebrating on day such as today... Today is a celebration for surviving the name calling, the malicious remarks and all the hate you've endured. If you made it to today- you will make it through Coming Out.

Although today is a day of celebration, one should be reminded of the impact Coming Out has had on so many in the past. I ask that amidst the celebrations, you take a moment and remember all those who aren't as fortunate to be around celebrating a day such as today because of their circumstances. Also, take this opportunity to congratulate those who are open, as well as to educate others about NCOD.

Final Thought:
Today should be seen as a LGBT holiday! Whether open or closeted, today is a celebration of your sexuality and being true to yourself. Today marks the day when you look back and are reminded that it took a fighter to get where you stand today, and that same fighter will make it through tomorrow and the days, months and years that follow... (I have two videos to share: Diana Ross' I'm Coming Out and a video made for NCOD 2012) HAVE A GREAT NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY!!

National Coming Out Day 2012

A beautiful gay video of Diana Ross' -I'm Coming Out

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