Monday, 7 May 2012

Real Love Never Dies

I would like to begin this post by thanking everyone who read My Coming Out Story and all the support/views I received in return. I thought today I would share another project I came by- called The Devotion Project .

According to their site "The Devotion Project is a series of short films documenting and celebrating LGBTQ couples and families." I, however, believe they're more than just a celebration of LGBT couples and families- these videos serve as a snippet of what our futures may entail. Seldom are the youth exposed to successful long term gay relationships, and too often are gay relationships expressed as; unstable, solely based on sex and impossible to maintain. The Devotion Project not only dismisses these theories it also displays three gay couples with motivating stories.

Looking for a form of guidance is instinctive, but sometimes we look in all the wrong places. The Devotion Project is a great model for what long term gay relationships may resemble and is a great form of guidance for all youth. The first video I came across entitled "More Than Ever" reduced me to tears within minutes. These videos are so easy to relate to due to their genuine content. These couples are simply telling their stories -in hope that some gay youth may seek comfort, guidance or understanding in them.

More Than Ever- is a very unique story. If you chose to watch it- you will realise that Bill Campbell, who stars in the video, died a year ago today (May 7th). This coincidence sent my body into shivers! The video is rather long- so I ask that if you should choose to watch it- please watch it entirely through, it is definitely worth it!

(More Than Ever is the first of three videos. Should you wish to watch the rest- visit their site The Devotion Project on Tumblr , for more about The Devotion Project go to The Devition Project @ Indiegogo )

Final Thought:
At times it may seem as though you're all alone, and no one is there to guide or comfort you. Whether closeted or openly gay- everyone has experienced that feeling of loneliness. After watching this video I came to realise that there may come a time when I will look back and be thankful I endured the loneliness and heartache. Certain things are worth the wait- through patience and understanding- we learn to love and forgive. So I propose that all youth that are reading this be patient and strong in hope that someday you will have what Bill and John had- real love.

The Righteous Gay will not be held accountable should you chose to click on the links provided- do so at own risk.
I first watched this video on the blog The Unbearable Truth- Fear Eats the Soul -check it out!

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  1. Awwww! Such a amazing story! I dream I can be there one day :)