Monday, 3 December 2012

Homosexuality Unnatural?

So I've decided to address the "Homosexuality Is Unnatural" fallacy, yes- fallacy, in today's post. To support my argument, I am going to share with you a few stories and studies that help prove that homosexuality is in fact natural, and that no one should ever feel ashamed or unnatural for being true to their own being.

Usually, opponents would argue that homosexuality cannot be natural because only humans display homosexual "tendencies" and because homosexual couples cannot bear children. In fact, many homosexual people themselves find it even more difficult to accept their sexuality because they are influenced by this societal misconception- so today I want to set the record straight: HOMOSEXUALITY IS NATURAL.

Animals: It has been noted that close to 1500 species of animals display homosexual behavior. This behavior has been recorded in all types of animals, ranging from dolphins to worms. Within certain species this behavior can be temporary, whilst others practice same-sex behavior throughout their whole lives, such as dwarf chimpanzee. Male lions often partake in homosexual sex to strengthen the bond within their pride. Within a colony of Black-Headed Gulls, an estimated one-tenth of all pairs are lesbian. A study of the Bonobo, an African ape, suggests that 75% of sex is non-reproductive (between two same sexed apes). And the list goes on; Giraffes, Elephants, Spotted hyenas, Bottlenose dolphins, Black swans, Flamingos, American Bison, Dragonflies and many more!

Two Male Giraffes in Kenya
Black Swans

In some species, specifically within the bird kingdom, pairing between two males or females have been well documented. Homosexual behavior in penguins have been observed as early as 1911, the findings, which were considered too shocking for release at the time, were only released a century later and only published recently in June 2012.  In 2004 the New York Times reported a story of two Chinstrap Penguins, Roy and Silo, in New York's Central Park Zoo that hatched and raised a chick named Tango. Staff noted that the pair performed mating rituals as far back as in 1998, and after an attempt to hatch a rock in 1999, it was decided that they would allow Roy and Silo the opportunity to hatch an unsuccessfully looked after egg from another pair. In 1998 two male Griffon Vultures, named Dashik and Yehuda, built a nest together and took turns incubating an artificial egg, after 45 days, the zoo replaced the egg with a baby vulture which the two father vultures raised successfully in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo in Israel.  

A Kid's book created about Roy and Silo

Whilst it's evident that gay couples, whether human or not, are perfectly capable of raising young, many still claim that our inability to produce offspring makes us unnatural. However there are many heterosexual couples with similar circumstances. Infertility. Infertility, also known as sterility, is the state of being unable to produce offspring (in woman it is the inability to conceive, and men the inability to impregnate). According to the Oxford Journals, 72.4 million woman are infertile. This means that there are thousands of heterosexual couples that are unable to have children due to infertility issues. This would then classify these heterosexual couples as unnatural too- which would then dismiss the theory of ONLY homosexual's being unnatural. Despite the couples who are infertile- there are also many heterosexual couples who never have children -by choice. Whether it be a conscious decision or an impairment- it is evident that not bearing children cannot be a valid indicator of whether something is natural or not. Regardless whether you are infertile, straight or gay- there are various methods that allow people the opportunity to raise children anyways, these methods include adoption and surrogacy.

Final Thought:
Having researched all the above information it became apparent to me that we as humans take sexuality far too serious. We are so quick to divide ourselves, and categorize one another- that we tend to look beyond the basics. Homosexuality is natural, just as bisexuality and heterosexuality is. Within these many animal species- there is no taxonomy. They are not excluded from the herd or picked on by other animals when they display homosexual behavior- and one of the reasons for this is because within their species homosexual behavior is not seen as a weakness, nor as an unfavorable trait/characteristic... It's just natural. And that's an important derivation that we ALL can make just by looking at nature, that being true to oneself is NEVER unnatural!

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  1. What a wonderful little Angel you are. I say this having read your material. This is invaluable what you are doing and for this I would like to thank you. Truely you are a little Angel.

    When I came out in 1972 there was never such faciities and outlets to share my fears and anxieties.

    I am accutey aware of the Bullying that goes on amongst young people, something which I suffered with when at school.

    Keep up the good work and remember how valuable you are to many young people, in the work that you are doing.

    Have a very prosperous New Year and remember, everything is possible, only your imagination can stop you.

    1. You cannot begin to imagine how touched I am by your kind words. There is a quote by Mother Teresa I'd like to share, "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

      I think, thanks to people such as yourself that came out in 1972, the future for LGBT youth is far safer. I should be thanking you... Just by being an openly gay man- you have most likely impacted many people's lives- just by being yourself.

      Thanks again for your message, and I apologize for the delayed reply. May 2013, and every year, be filled with happiness and love!