Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Gay 5

Today I have decided to post something of more personal value. They are what I like to call
 The Gay 5. 

"Who are The Gay 5? " you're probably asking. They are the Top 5 most influential gay people in my life. Everyone of them have had a positive impact on me, and today I wish to share them with you out there.

5. Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978) Famous Gay Politician
(Left: Harvey Milk; Right: Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in "Milk")  

 Although alive only before I was born- Milks contribution to the LGBT community still lives on. I was first introduced to this figure whilst watching the 2008 film Milk ,starring Sean Penn, late one evening (as not to be seen by the family). I was so influenced by the film- I decided to do more research on Harvey Milk. Milk gave me so much hope... Hope that some day I could be openly gay role model such as himself. 

4. Gareth Thomas: Openly Gay Rugby Player
 Rugby is a national sport in my country. So it should come as no surprise that Thomas would be one of the most influential gay people in my life. Not only is rugby a very physical sport, it can be a very homophobic one too- which makes Gareth Thomas a real man amongst the rest for coming out whilst playing the sport. Thomas' actions stood brave and courageous to me- and were my source of courage when I came out.

3. Ellen Degeneres Gay Icon/ Comedian
 Who isn't inspired by Ellen? Ellen has become a household name worldwide. Her talk show has surpassed all expectations and her acts of kindness can reduce anyone to tears. Ellen is openly gay- and has been an inspiration to millions of people, becoming one of the most iconic gay woman to date. She is walking proof that sexual orientation is so irrelevant when it comes to success. She rightfully deserves 3rd place, and I rightfully deserve a ticket to her show now...

2. Jay and Bryan Leffew:  Gay Family Values Blog Masterminds

(Above: The Leffew family, Below: Jay and Bryan Leffew)
 In second place are Bryan and Jay. Although not one person, they are a couple and therefore can be seen as a single entity. I can distinctly remember the late evening I was on YouTube when I came across the wedding video of these two gentleman. My heart sank and eyes poured. It was probably the first time I had ever seen two men dancing hand-in-hand. I clicked on the link to their YouTube channel and have had eyes glued to their blog ever since! In January I contacted them (via email) expressing how they reassured me about my decision to come out and how amazing I thought their story was- and like true blogger masterminds they replied! I have now dubbed their family "The Incredibles" - because of their superhero status to me.

1.Lance Weyer  Mr Gay South Africa 2011

 He isn't any household name, a famous politician or sports star and nor does he run a blog that brings tears to my eyes- but I believe that is what sets him apart from all above. Lance is someone I can relate to. He was appointed the gay ambassador of South Africa for the year I decided to come out (this year) and has been successful thus far. One of his main aims was to address LGBT youth- and help them. Personally I would say Lance has done a greater job at reaching out to the public and youth than any previous gay ambassadors have. He thus deserves top position, making Lance Weyer the most influential gay person in my life.

 Final Thought:
The people above may have no impact on your life, or perhaps they do. I believe it is important to have a  Gay 5 ! We cannot be expected to go through life without any form of guidance, and in a situation where there seems to be nobody to turn to- there are icons, celebrities and sport stars out there that may fit the mold. They may not be a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand but they are living proof that things do get better. Think of your five. Who are they? Follow them on twitter, send them an email or just read up about them. Sometimes when you're coming out it's great to know what possibilities may await you...

(If any of these should belong to you and you wish to have them removed please notify The Righteous Gay)

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