Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Public Display of Affection

I've recently been on the look out for gay couples in public. Those couples who aren't afraid to walk side by side. Two guys holding hands- nothing more. But it needn't be anything more- it is so satisfying as is! The public display of affection is a powerful spectacle- capable of turning heads, widening eyes and blowing minds. Well, for me at least. I feel these couples are what need to become a regularity to society. As a young gay man, I find them inspiring and reassuring. I can also tell you there are far too few of them! 

Many express mixed emotions regarding "P.D.A". For instance how much is too much? And does it really have a positive impact- especially in conservative/ traditional countries? I believe the answer lies within yourself. For example- I am comfortable seeing two individuals kiss in public, however I find it distasteful to have your tongue down a partners throat (straight or gay). I therefore would only go as far as to kiss a partner in public. Being considerate of your surroundings is probably best. A gay club is obviously more suitable to be smooching than the church or the grocery store. Many people find it intimidating and overwhelming - it's probably advisable that you take other peoples emotions into consideration.

Regarding whether it has a positive impact- I think I speak on the behalf of all youth when I say "YES!" It's exhilarating to witness. I recall my first sighting of two men kissing-it was so liberating. I know that before I came out- seeing two men share an intimate moment with the world made me less afraid of expressing my emotions. I felt less confined regarding my "new found" sexuality. At those exact moments things are put into perspective. Life all of a sudden seems so much more worth living for!

I ask you, what should prevent you from holding your partners hand in public? Your sexual preference should not result in you living a second hand citizenship- one in which your every right is not infringed, but "tweaked" to suit society. There are no boundaries to love. It is simply human to show affection to the people you love. I ask you to lead the youth into a society where two guys holding hands are what the sun is to everyday. Natural...

 IMAGES SOURCE:  "The Gay Truth
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This is all I could find on YouTube regarding PDA. Hope you enjoy!

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